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Joseph F. Bridger

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Acoustical Consultants, Inc. seeks Acoustical Analyst in Raleigh, NC: Architectural Acoustics Design: (1) Room Acoustics - Perform room acoustic analysis and EASE modeling of a wide variety of spaces (schools, auditoriums, spaces of worship, studios, etc.). (2) Isolation - Read and review architectural, mechanical, structural plans, and use test report data and INSUL calculations to meet the project sound isolation criteria. Environmental Noise Control Analysis: Review environmental noise control to mitigate the noise impacts from industrial sites, power plants, railways, roads, aircrafts and other such outdoor noise sources. Run computer simulations using software such as SoundPLAN to accurately recreate these scenarios and solve them virtually before starting actual construction. Calculate signal to noise ratio based on the % of people talking, directivity, seating density, and amount of sound absorption. Field work: (1) Room acoustics field work - Perform in-field sound measurements to assist in design of sound systems and evaluation and enhancement of room acoustics for a variety of spaces. Review measurement results and match model predictions to the actual behavior in a room. (2) Isolation Field work - Field testing as per the latest ASTM standards (such as E336) or other methods deemed appropriate to understand noise isolation capabilities of structures and how to improve upon them. Measure NIC, apparent STC, AIIC, ISR, OITC/OILR based on ASTM standards using the B&K 2250. Prepare test reports. Evaluate gyms and other music spaces with residential or commercial adjacencies or other sensitive receivers within same overall building structure. (3) HVAC and other mechanical systems noise and vibration field work – Measure noise and sometimes vibration of equipment in source and receiving spaces. Document sound paths and sources. Evaluate mechanical systems for noise control analysis, calculations and design documentation. 4) Field Monitoring with 24-hour monitors and additional detailed sample measurements of outdoor noise sources or background noise in communities. Requirements: Master’s degree in Physics, (any) Engineering or closely related field plus one (1) year of experience in the job offered or related sound engineering positions. Must have experience in measuring NIC, apparent STC, AIIC, ISR, OITC/OILR based on ASTM standards; evaluating background noise using ASHRAE/LEED guidelines; SoundFlow; SoundPLAN; INSUL; EASE; Sketchup; and Excel calculations of room acoustics. Must be a member of ASA. Day/Overnight travel as required by project. Submit resume at Must reference Acoustical Analyst to be considered.

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