Mukunda K. Acharya, MS Physics/Acoustics, ASA, APS    

Education: BS in Physics, MS in Physics/Astrophysics, MS in Physics/Acoustics – National Center for Physical Acoustics- University of Mississippi.

50+ Graduate level semester hours in physics, acoustics, mathematics, statistics, and computer programming from the University of Mississippi, the University of Texas at El Paso, St. Xavier's College, and Amrit Science College.

Member - Acoustical Society of America, ASA North Carolina Chapter, American Physical Society, Institute of Noise Control Engineering-USA 

Mukun joined our team in 2019. Before that, he was a graduate researcher at the National Center for Physical Acoustics, University of Mississippi. He conducted and led a research project in underwater and engineering acoustics. His research includes studying the variation of sound speed in the global ocean and developing an efficient mathematical model to compute sound speed and its derivability using ocean physical parameters. In addition, he conducted extensive research of the ocean's physical parameters and global warming using sound. Besides that, he did room acoustics projects using an anechoic chamber at the NCPA facility.

Mukun has also gained a strong foundation in physics, acoustics mathematics, and computer programming. He earned Mater's in physics focus on astrophysics. He wrote a thesis on the topic of "A study of r-magnitude dependence in the Spatial Orientation of Spin Vectors of SDSS Galaxies". He also researched the stellar model of the evolution of AGB stars while at the University of Mississippi. In addition, Mukun was in the UTEP-NRLMOL group, where he used to study the electronic structure of large molecules.

Mukun has published papers in the Astrophysical Journal, JASA (under review), Proceedings of Meeting of Acoustics, Physics Journal Club, and Journal of MAS. He was a coordinator of PGSA UM, founding advisor of Nepalese Student Association-UM, secretary of NSA-University of Texas, and president of Junior Red Cross.

For recreation, Mukun enjoys hiking, outdoor running, cycling, and reading books. In addition, he is currently taking various acoustic, vibration, and noise control classes, webinars, and seminars conducted by universities and research institutions.


  • National Center for Physical Acoustics, University of Mississippi – MS in Physics/Acoustics.
  • University of Texas at El Paso, Master of Science in Physics (transferred)
  • St. Xavier's College, Tribhuvan University – MS in Physics/Astrophysics
  • Amrit Science College – BS in Physics, Mathematics, and Statistics.

World Traveler

I love to travel whenever possible, including to my home country of Nepal. I also enjoyed visiting the sites in NC! I speak English, Nepali and Hindi fluently, have good knowledge of 4 other Indo-European languages.

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