Ezra L. Blackwell


Ezra is an acoustical consultant with project experience that includes commercial, industrial, residential, heavy rail, commuter rail, and highway projects in various stages of project development and environmental settings. He has conducted numerous noise studies on behalf of developers and architects to assess environmental noise impacts on interior building structures and exterior building facades to ensure design and code compliance and to also improve the quality of life for residents.

He has managed numerous projects with transit components using FHWA and FTA equivalent standards. His experience includes performing noise impact and vibration impact assessments for proposed roadway projects, and land use compatibility studies for elementary schools, in the context of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Noise studies he has conducted include commercial, industrial manufacturing, wind farm, roadway, power plants and sub-stations, pump stations, and entertainment venue code compliance.

His technical responsibilities include field investigation surveys, project scope and proposals, near-field, far-field, interior and exterior SPL measurements, computational modeling, measurement data, and project management.

Ezra’s background enables him to perform a wide scope of acoustical capabilities both in the field and out with capabilities that span from data collection, field-testing, and compliance, to computer modeling, construction review, design analysis, and traffic noise assessments for various noise sensitive land uses. Structures include hospitals, hotels, libraries, condominiums, schools, universities, and residential subdivisions.

Technical Activities:

Acoustical Society of America (ASA)

Institute of Noise Control Engineering


BA Acoustics Columbia College Chicago

Contact Information:

Email: ezra@sacnc.com

Phone: 919-858-0899 Ext 3

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